Beauty Icon Eau de Parfum

Beauty Icon - Perfume by Natalie Glebova

Introducing Beauty Icon Eau de Parfum, my very first fragrance from France, in collaboration with Bel Perfumes and perfumer V. Mane Fils.  This perfume is for any woman that is confident, conscious of her health, happy and positive.

About Beauty Icon

This fragrance can be best described as a “floral-woody musk” and it represents beauty, elegance, and femininity.  The first impression top notes are derived from Bergamot, Mandarin Orange and Green Apple, and they convey a feeling of freshness and good mood.  The heart notes come from the flowers of Lily of the Valley, Magnolia and Pink Peony, which arouse the feelings of confidence and sensuality.  Finally, the base notes of Musk, Sandalwood, and Amber create a lasting impression of glamorous sophistication.

With Beauty Icon, I want each woman who wears it to feel as the most beautiful woman in the world.  As I have always believed and advocated on my website, true beauty comes from a feeling of confidence, from inner peace, and from a happy mind.  So when you spray on this fragrance, I want you to get those feelings and watch your inner goddess come shining through!

Read more about how Beauty Icon came to be and the journey to make it happen on my blog: Beauty Icon – My First Fragrance.


Where to Buy

Currently, Beauty Icon (Eau de Parfum) is available in 100 mL and 30 mL sizes. It is now sold in Thailand at all MIST 1000 Parfums branches, leading department stores (Robinsons, Watsons), Duty Free, as well as online at

Now Beauty Icon is available as a body lotion as well.