Cover It Up – 3 Tricks to use with Concealer

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BSC Bio Perfect Cover Up Concealer

Concealer is used to cover spots of redness, dark under eye circles, pigmentation spots and any other areas that the foundation was not able to hide. There are a variety of types of concealer: creamy or hard consistency, with brush or regular applicator, in a tube or jar or stick. Take your pick and experiment until you find one that you love.

Covering under eye circles

Whether liquid form or a stick, when shopping for a concealer, keep in mind your skin shade and the tone of your under eye circles.

You can try colored concealer to offset the color of your under eye circles and better camouflage it. The tone of colored concealer should be the direct opposite of the tone of your under eye circles. For example, if the skin under your eyes looks purple, find a concealer that has yellow tones. For blue circles, use orange tone concealer. If your circles are brown, a blue or purple tone concealer is your best bet. And if you have red tones under your eyes, then a green or olive tone concealer is for you. Just ask the sales person at the makeup counter for help. If you don’t want to use colored concealer, choose a skin toned concealer that’s a shade lighter than your skin. This will brighten the area around your eyes and make you look fresh.

To apply the concealer, use your ring finger to gently dab a small amount on the skin right under the eye starting from the inside going out. Then blend, blend, blend to make it look smooth and invisible. Besides BSC Bio Perfect Cover Up Concealer, my other personal favorite is Clinique “All about eyes concealer” and Elizabeth Arden ”

Covering moles and dark spots

When using your concealer to cover moles or dark spots, use very little and concentrate on each problem area individually. Use a solid formula that comes in a stick and find a shade that matches your skin tone. The “less is more” principal applies here – putting less of it on will give you better results. If you use too much concealer on one spot it can look cakey and obvious. Using your finger dab a tiny amount in the center of the mole, just enough to cover the spot, let it dry for a minute and set it with powder. I use Clinique “Derma white spot concentrate concealer”.

Covering blemishes and red spots

Use a concealer shade that matches your skin exactly. To cover pimples, use a thick concealer in stick form, and rub a small amount directly on the spot. Blend the edges with your finger or a small flat brush and let it dry for a minute. Apply another layer if you need it, and then set with powder. For redness, use a creamy or stick concealer and spread a thin layer on the area, let it dry for a minute, add another coat if the redness is still there, and finish off with some powder.


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