Simple Daytime Makeup Look – 8 Easy Steps

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This light, subtle makeup look is perfect for daytime events, work, and when you don’t want to look overly made-up.  Focus on bringing out your best features by slightly accentuating them using earth-tones and light shades.

In the video below, makeup artist – Got, helps me demonstrate how to create this look in 8 easy steps.



Video production courtesy of BSC Cosmetology

Make-up artist – Got. Got Makes You Up



After applying your foundation, concealer and powder as described in this article Get Glowing Skin and Even Tone – 6 Makeup Tricks, follow these steps to create this beautiful daytime look.

Step 1: Base Color – apply a shimmery light shadow to the entire eye lid – from brow-bone to the base of the eye

Step 2: Define the Crease – use a light brown shadow to define the crease of the eye, and add the same color to the bottom lash line

Step 3: Create Depth – add a bit of medium brown shadow to the outer corner of the top eye lid. Blend it in with a brush or your fingers. Line the outer half of the bottom lash line with the same color

Step 4: Line your Eye – using a dark brown or black shadow, line the top eye lid along the lash line. Best to use a thin slanted liner brush

Step 5: Mascara – Curl the top eye lashes using a lash curler, then coat both top and bottom lashes with mascara

Step 6: Eyebrows – choose a color that closely matches your hair color. Best to use eye shadow with a thin slanted brush, instead of brow pencil

Step 7: Cheek Color – smile to reveal apples of your cheeks. Apply blush right on the apples of the cheeks moving up towards your temples

Step 8: Lip Color – pick a color that closely matches your lips. Skip the lip liner and apply with a lip brush or directly from the tube.


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