Smokey-eye Look in 9 Easy Steps – Video Tutorial

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Smokey-eyes is probably one of the most popular makeup techniques of all time, yet most women don’t know how to do it themselves. It is actually quite easy to do by yourself. All you need are proper tools and colors, then blend blend blend!

In the video below, makeup artist – Got, helps me demonstrate how to create this look in 9 easy steps.



Video production courtesy of BSC Cosmetology

Make-up artist – Got Makes You Up



After applying your foundation, concealer and powder as described in the article Get Glowing Skin and Even Tone – 6 Makeup Tricks, follow these steps to create this gorgeous classic look.

Step 1: Base Color – Highlight the brow-bone using a light shimmery shadow. Brow-bone is the area right under your eyebrows

Step 2: Dark grey/blue shadow (draw in a sideways V) – Think of a sideways “V” and draw this shape on your eye lid with the pointy end outwards, using either a dark grey or dark blue shadow and a flat medium brush. Go above the crease of the eye, then blend the edges with a brush of your fingers. Apply same shadow to the bottom lash line

Step 3: Black shadow in outer corners  – Take some black shadow on a small thick brush and dab it in the outer corners of the upper eyelids, then blend it in with the grey shadow. Apply same shadow to outer half of the bottom lash line

Step 4: Light grey shimmery shadow on eyelids – Using a small flat brush apply shimmery light grey shadow to the inner-side of the top eyelid going outwards, but stopping where the black shadow begins. Apply same shadow on the inner-side of bottom lash line

Step 5: Apply Eyeliner – Using a black pencil, cream eyeliner or liquid liner, line the top lash line, as well as the inner rim of your  top and bottom lash lines

Step 6: Apply Mascara and False Lashes – Apply mascara generously to top and bottom lashes, then put on the false lashes

Step 7: Define Eyebrows – Use a medium light brown shadow to define your eyebrows with a thin angle brush

Step 8: Cheek Color – Using a blush brush, apply cheek color in circular motions starting from the apples of your cheeks moving up towards the temples

Step 9: Lip Color – Pick a lip color that is very light, nude or neutral shade, and apply with a lip brush following your natural lip line



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