11/11/11 – 30th Birthday

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November 14, 2011

What an unforgettable birthday week I’ve had! I started the celebration of my 30th year on the eve of my birthday, which also happened to be a Thai festival called Loy Grathong (festival of the river). A group of a few close friends and I went out for a dinner by the river, where they surprised me with a small pre-birthday cake. We then went down to the river to make wishes and put the Grathongs (special floating lanterns) in the water.  This is a Thai tradition that signifies paying respect to the river and is usually celebrated on the first full moon in November.

Natalie with Gatekeepers


Shannon, Natalie, Tanya

with best friends Shannon and Tanya









The next day was November 11, 2011, a day I’d been anticipating for a long time, as it is a spiritually significant number – the triple 11. It is believed, that 11:11 is a time of spiritual awakening and entrance into a higher level of awareness. The number 11 holds special significance on many different levels, from mathematics to spirituality to numerology and psychology. And of course it is a day that I would be entering a new decade of my life – the big 3-0.

Natalie Goddess

Enjoying the wine and grapes

Natalie's girlfriends

My closest girlfriends








The plan to celebrate was to throw a big costume party that would also serve as a fundraiser for people and animals affected by the flood in Thailand. The theme of the party was Roman/Greek, entitled Goddesses and Gladiators. I was pleasantly surprised to see so many of my friends had gone the extra mile to be decked out in extravagant costumes. Almost everyone was dressed up!  I had two male models act as gatekeepers, and they greeted the guests by placing golden leaf crowns on their heads.  The room was decorated with grapes and vine leaves everywhere. There was also a Goddess throne set up for people to pose for photographs. To give the party a more Roman flair, I had movies like Troy, Alexander and 300 projected on the wall.  It was such an amazing party, and I’m so happy I got to celebrate it with 70 of my closest friends!

Best costumes

Best dressed friends

Natalie's Goddesses

6 Goddesses








The venue for the party was Watermark restaurant’s Club Nove, who graciously provided me with a photographer. Check out the party photos on their Facebook album.

Instead of birthday presents this year, I asked all my friends to give me as a present a donation to my chosen charity.  Because of the recent floods, the SCAD orgaization have had a lot of hardships. They rescued many cats and dogs that now require fostering and medical care.  With all of my friends’ contribution, we collected over a 1,000 USD for SCAD. To learn more about SCAD (Soi Cats and Dogs) and how you can help, please visit their website: www.scadbangkok.org

Birthday cake

My beautiful cake

Janis, Natalie, Rudy

with friends Janis and Rudy









A lot of people get nervous or sad when reaching the 30-year mark, but for me, I’m quite happy and content to be at this age. I’m looking forward to this next decade of my life, as I think for a woman, this can be the best decade of her life. I can already say that I feel more confident with myself, I know myself more, and I know exactly what I want from life.  I also feel calmer and focus more on improving myself from the inside rather than outside.  I now concentrate more on being natural and staying true to myself.  I know that my 30’s will be an amazing time in my life, and I want to live it with gratitude, generosity and giving in to every single present moment!

Nat and DJ Plerny

with DJ Plerny

At after-party with Tanya

Outfit change for after-party


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