2015 is Year of the Gibbon – What You Can Do to Help

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Natalie and Koko the GibbonSo everyone knows 2015 is year of the gibbon right? RIGHT? Well if not then you need to get updated now.

A lot of people love gibbons, they are cute and furry and swing around like crazy. Everyone loves gibbons, or at least no one hates them. Thing is, they are one of the most endangered groups of animals on the planet!

 Some not so fun facts about gibbons:

  1. Gibbons are considered the most Endangered primate family in the world.
  2. Two species of gibbon, the Hainan gibbon of China and the cao vit gibbon of Vietnam have only 23 individuals and 129 individuals left in the whole world!
  3. The average American uses 6 tree per year! Deforestation is one of the gibbons biggest threats as they rely on trees to move, feed and sleep. No trees – no gibbons.
  4. Baby gibbons are popular as pets or used as photo-props at tourist destinations for people to have their photos taken next to. These babies been taken from the wild by shooting their mother. It is estimated that only 1 in 20 actually survive, so that one cute baby gibbon represents 20 dead gibbon mums and 19 dead gibbon babies.

So what can you do about this?

Here are five ways you can help gibbon in the Year of the Gibbon.

  1. Never pose with a baby gibbon when on holiday

    Photo-prop gibbons come from the wild. They should be with their mums, not on Instagram.

  2. Buy FSC

    FSC products are those that are certified to be made with sustainably produced timber. You can look for the FSC label on products as diverse as tissues to furniture. Find out more about FSC here: https://us.fsc.org/

  3. Buy sustainable palm oil products

    Palm oil is used in lots and lots of products but is often made through cutting down forest where gibbons live. You can make sure you get sustainably produced palm oil products by downloading an app. Easy as that. Try here for Australia or NZ iPhones or here for US iPhones or here for android.

  4. Hold an Event

    There are lots of events going on around the world for Year of the Gibbon, in zoos, communities living around forests where gibbon live and in people’s houses. Hold your own event, raise some funds and contribute! You can find out how on the Year of the Gibbon website. http://www.gibbons.asia/year-of-the-gibbon/

  5. Donate to support gibbons

    The Gibbon Specialist Group are raising funding during the Year of the Gibbon to put towards gibbon conservation. So give as little or as much as you want, it all helps. You can give easily here: http://www.gibbons.asia/donate/

  6. Share on social media

    Tell your friends and followers by posting on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. The more people know the better. Share this post, or the special video message I produced that sheds light on this problem. Link to video on Facebook here. Or on YouTube below. And please like the official page for Year of the Gibbon on Facebook and invite others to join.


Natalie – Miss Universe 2005, Ambassador for Year of the Gibbon

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