A Look Back at 2011

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December 23, 2011

Season’s greetings to everyone from Riga, Latvia!  It’s cold here and I’m not used to it, coming from warm and sunny Thailand. Luckily I have my old winter clothes from Canada to keep me warm. I’m here visiting friends and family for Christmas holidays. And as it happens, I have some work coming up here as well. It is pageant related, and super exciting, but I will let you know more details as it unfolds.

Natalie and parents in Mexico

My Dad's 60th birthday, Acapulco Mexico

Nat in Mexico

at Casablanca Hotel, Acapulco Mexico









This past year has been unforgettable!  I started the year by taking a leap of faith – by bungee jumping in Acapulco, Mexico in January 2011.  As scary as it was, I’m so glad I faced the uncertainty and did it.  This little act of bravery inspired many new steps I’ve taken in my life this past year.  It was a great start to a new chapter of my personal and professional life. View my bungee video below.

Mr. Natalie

on set of BSC International TVC

Professionally, I’ve been very fortunate to become the face of two products: BSC and CARING Hair Expert. Both campaigns were a lot of fun to shoot and have partially launched this year. It was particularly interesting shooting the BSC International commercial where I was transformed into a man for one scene – wearing a suit, a wig and a moustache! Stay tuned for this commercial and more in 2012!

Natalie scuba diving

Scuba diving in Borneo

In April 2011, I added a new skill to my resume – scuba diving. I earned my certification for open water diving, and got to do that in one of the best diving sites in the world, Borneo. I swam with the sharks, huge sea turtles, and amazing underwater creatures. Diving at Sipadan Island was definitely an unforgettable experience!


UNEP Conference

speaking at a press conference for UNEP, Maldives

My next adventure was of a goodwill nature when I traveled to the Maldives to be part of the UNEP (United Nations Environmental Program)  Ozone2Climate Technology Roadshow in May 2011.  It was an honor to meet the President of the Maldives and get involved in all the talks on ozone layer protection. I also helped spread the word to consumers to look for non-HCFC refrigerators and air-conditioners, in a special public service announcement. View PSA below.


Mouawad ad

Mouawad jewelry ad

hosting MUC 2011

with co-host Sonny at MUC 2011

In June 2011 I visited Lebanon for the first time to shoot an ad campaign and attend the opening of Mouawad jewelry boutique in Beirut.  The photographer for the campaign was world-renowned Gilles Bensimon who created incredible images. Then I traveled back home to Toronto to host the Miss Universe Canada 2011 competition. It was so nice to be back home and reconnect with old friends.

In August, I traveled to Romania’s Slanic Moldova region for an opening of Villa Siam Resort. On the way from Bucharest to the mountain resort, I stopped by to visit Dracula’s Castle in Transylvania. Villa Siam is situated amidst gorgeous mountains that have special healing springs where people drink from to cure ailments.

Natalie and Carmen in Romania

With Carmen the owner of Villa Siam, Romania

at Pelec Castle in Romania

at Pelec Castle in Romania









Most recently I also visited Singapore and Cambodia for fun and sightseeing, and you can read about those trips in my previous blogs.  This year marked my 30th birthday, and I had a huge celebration with a Roman theme party.  I will be ending 2011 in Vienna, Austria to ring in the New Year and then try skiing for the fist time in the Alps Mountains. This past year has been one of many firsts, and I’m looking forward to more exciting things to come next year!

In 2012 I will launch my own line of perfume, and work as a brand ambassador for a great Canadian diamond company – Canadian Ice Diamonds.

Wishing everyone a very Healthy Happy Beautiful New Year!


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