BSC Cosmetology Ad Campaign

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December 6, 2011

The result of weeks of hard work is now starting to be seen with the newly launched BSC Cosmetology ad for 2012. The video commercial that is now playing on all major national networks seems to be a big hit.  In the video I’m featured as the face of BSC Cosmetology and seen strolling the streets of 4 iconic cities (Paris, Rome, London and New York) as a giant having fun with BSC makeup. This campaign is entitled “Adorned by the most beautiful women in the world” and it was a lot of fun to film!

BSC Cosmetology Ad Campaign

Paris look

BSC Cosmetology Ad Campaign

Rome look














I loved all the different looks I had: high fashion look for Paris, sweet and cute look for Rome, playful modern look for London, and an edgy cool look for New York.

BSC Cosmetology ad

London look

BSC Cosmetology ad

New York look














Check out the TVC here and let me know what you think in the comment box below.

Next up is the BSC International ad campaign that will launch in January 2012. In this ad I play an angel fallen down to earth. I had some interesting roles to play here; one of them being a man! I can’t wait to see this commercial and share it with you.

Wishing everyone a fantastic holiday season ahead, and reminding you to stay Healthy Happy and Beautiful!

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