Canadian Ice Diamond Ambassador

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March 12, 2012

It is with great pride and excitement I’d like to share with you, my latest news of becoming the Diamond Ambassador for Canadian Ice Diamond Collection for 2012!

This campaign will be seen in jewelry stores across North America, Europe and Asia.

Natalie at Canadian Ice boothMy decision to represent Canadian Ice Diamonds came quite easily for me; once I did my research on the brand. Known as the world leader in ethically mined diamonds with the traceability aspect of Canadian diamonds that ensures they are conflict free gives me a sense of pride as a Canadian to promote this great brand around the world.

Another interesting aspect of this partnership is that my story of rise-to-fame mimics that of the brand and its founder Joseph Shilon. Joseph, an immigrant to Canada from former Soviet Union, developed the Canadian Ice diamond brand, brought it to the world stage and made it famous.

The signing of the deal The signing of this international multi-year contract took place in Thailand at Bangkok Gems and Jewelry Fair on February 12, 2012.

My first duty as Canadian Ice diamond ambassador was to learn more about the process of diamond cutting and setting, as I took a tour of the factory in Bangkok. I was fascinated by the production and manufacturing processes. The most impressive part was seeing how each diamond is individually engraved with a laser to ensure authenticity and to be able to track every diamond back to where it came from.

Inspecting a Canadian Ice diamondI’m excited about my upcoming trips to London and Las Vegas to join Canadian Ice in some of the world’s biggest jewelry fairs this year!

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