Photo shoots and Flooding

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October 26, 2011

The past few weeks have been hectic and suspenseful.  Hectic because I’ve been practically living at a photo studio here in Bangkok, starting shoots as early as 7 am and finishing 11 hours later.  Suspenseful because of flood warnings and the expectation that Bangkok will soon be immobilized under up to a meter of water.

BSC Cosmetology photo shoot - Paris look

Paris look - BSC Cosmetology

BSC Cosmetology shoot - Rome look

Rome look - BSC Cosmetology












Ok, first about the photo shoots.  I have been working so much lately, which is great!  I have two big campaigns coming out by the end of this year – BSC and Caring.  Recently, BSC appointed me as their brand ambassador to promote their lines of cosmetics, swimwear, lingerie, clothes, home décor, shoes and bags!  Last week, I shot their BSC Cosmetology ad for TV commercial. It was a two-day shoot and it was a blast!  I had 4 looks: Paris, Rome, London and New York, and I had to pretend being a giant walking around those cities with a green screen background.

BSC Cosmetology shoot - New York look

New York look - BSC Cosmetology

BSC Cosmetology shoot - London look

London look - BSC Cosmetology

My other campaign that’ll launch before the end of the year is for Caring Hair Expert. They have a range of hair products such as color, treatment, and styling products.  I had a photo shoot for their print ad with different hairstyles.

My latest photo shoot was very exciting; it was for my own perfume line! The name of the perfume is still a secret but it will be revealed very soon.  The style was very classy, timeless and beautiful. Keep checking my website for news of the release.

Perfume shoot

Perfume photo shoot

Perfume shoot

Perfume photo shoot












Now, on to the flood situation. My heart goes out to all those affected by the flooding. I’ve seen photos of people’s homes and historical landmarks/temples under water; people and animals stranded without food and water; loose crocodiles swimming around.  The problem is, that there’s not much anyone can do to help them now except to wait for the water to recede.  In order to land a hand, I’ve donated a large box of clothes for those affected.  I hope this situation gets better soon, and that more people won’t be affected.  The worst part is waiting for what’s going to happen and not really knowing what to expect.  The news report that Bangkok could get flooded any day this week, and it could be as deep as one meter! Whatever happens, I’m certain Thai people will get through this with a smile on their face, as they are so known for.  Be strong Thailand, this too shall pass.




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