Superhero Halloween

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November 3, 2011

On October 31st, my favorite party night of the year had finally arrived – Halloween! Maybe it’s the fact that I grew up in Canada, where people love this holiday. Or maybe I just love to play dress-up!  In any case, I always have so much fun every year.  In the past years, I’d dressed up in the ever-popular policewoman outfit, the not-so-original French maid uniform, and a sexy bumblebee costume.

Lucky for me, my group of friends adores dressing up as much as I do, so we always try to come up with a common theme. Last year, we dressed in the Twilight theme, with half of us being vampires, and the other half being ware wolves.  I dressed up as a vampire and we had an Edward and Jacob duo as well.

Natalie and Tanya

Halloween 2010

Natalie and Ware wolves

Halloween 2010









This year, we decided to do the superhero theme. My friend Shannon has been dreaming to be Wonder woman for the longest time, so this was perfect!  My couple friends Rudy and Lena bought amazing outfits – Batman and Cat woman. They even dressed up their kids in a Robin and bat-baby costumes. So adorable!  As for me, I’ve always loved the movie “The Matrix” and decided to wear a Trinity costume. My best friend Janis completed the Matrix pair by being Neo.  I think we pulled it off pretty well. We even won the best couple costume prize! My costume was custom-made by a very talented designer Hilde Marie Johansen, who is also a fantastic make-up/hair artist. Check out her website: Makeup & Styling by Hilde

Trinity Natalie

Halloween 2011 Trinity Natalie

Neo Trinity Janis and Natalie

Neo and Trinity-Halloween 2011

Then there is my other best friend – Tanya, who likes to be a little different and stand out from the crowd. Instead of doing a superhero theme with us, she opted for the Black Swan interpretation.  I must say, she did an amazing job! This girl has the hands of gold – she can make anything look spectacular. Last year, to be different also, instead of doing the Twilight theme she transformed herself into a character from the  movie Avatar!  Her costume was the best I had seen, other than the actual movie. We also had a couple of other superheroes with us: Itthi the “Superman”, and Preeti the character from “Kill Bill”.  All were very well done. For more photos please visit my Facebook album.


Superheroe Halloween 2011

Tanya and Natalie

Black Swan Tanya and Trinity Natalie


Well, the flooding hasn’t hit central Bangkok as of yet, but there’s still a threat. There seems to be a lot of political play involved in diverting the water away from the capital. I hope that the Thai government can solve this problem without putting more people at risk, and at the same time help the ones already affected. That’s a tall order though!


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