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  • Beauty Icon packaging and bottle

    Beauty Icon – My first fragrance

    I am overjoyed and absolutely elated that my first fragrance – Beauty Icon is finally here! The making of Beauty Icon took over a year, but it was well worth the wait![more]

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    Maldives Underwater Adventure

    I’ve just returned from my 3rd trip to the Maldives Islands and as usual it didn’t disappoint! When deciding where to go for scuba diving with my boyfriend - Janis, Maldives was on[more]

  • Natalie-Glebova-Caring-ad2

    Caring Hair Expert Ad Launch

    Last week was the launch of the new Caring Hair Expert ad campaign, which I am the brand ambassador for. I shot the ad campaign last year in November, with the ads [more]

  • hhb-life-blog10-2

    Canadian Ice Diamond Ambassador

    It is with great pride and excitement I’d like to share with you, my latest news of becoming the Diamond Ambassador for Canadian Ice Diamond Collection for 2012![more]

  • hhb-life-blog9-1

    Great Start to 2012

    Happy New Year Everyone! I have just returned from my holidays in Europe, where I celebrated Christmas and New Year’s. It was such a great trip, where I made many new friends[more]

  • hhb-life-blog8-1

    A Look Back at 2011

    Season’s greetings to everyone from Riga, Latvia! It’s cold here and I’m not used to it, coming from warm and sunny Thailand. Luckily I have my old winter clothes from Canada[more]

  • Natalie-Glebova-BSC-2012-1

    BSC Cosmetology Ad Campaign

    The result of weeks of hard work is now starting to be seen with the newly launched BSC Cosmetology ad for 2012. The video commercial that is now playing on all major[more]

  • hhb-life-blog6-1

    11/11/11 – 30th Birthday

    What an unforgettable birthday week I’ve had! I started the celebration of my 30th year on the eve of my birthday, which also happened to be a Thai festival called Loy Grathong[more]

  • hhb-life-blog5-2

    Superhero Halloween

    On October 31st, my favorite party night of the year had finally arrived – Halloween! Maybe it’s the fact that I grew up in Canada, where people love this holiday. [more]

  • hhb-life-blog4-2

    Photo shoots and Flooding

    The past few weeks have been hectic and suspenseful. Hectic because I’ve been practically living at a photo studio here in Bangkok, starting shoots as early as 7 am...[more]