Working out when Traveling

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Working out when travelingI know first hand how hard it can be to exercise on the road. I spent the entire year as Miss Universe traveling to over 15 different countries, living out of a suitcase, and spending (what seemed like an eternity) in airports and airplanes. It seemed like every week I was in a new country, another hotel, and the airport became a second home. All that traveling doesn’t leave much time to think about the gym let alone actually going to one. But once again as with being too busy, traveling a lot doesn’t have to be another one of those excuses. If I was able to exercise, with over 200,000 air miles racked up, you can too.  Here are some tips to help you out:

Plan it

You have to schedule time for exercise.  Before your trip, look at your schedule and try to fit in some time to either hit the gym, or work out in your room.  If you have a say in booking your hotel, book one that offers a gym as one of its facilities.

Pack right

You planned; you found a hotel with a gym. Now remember to pack the necessary tools; running shoes, your portable music device, and some resistance bands in case the hotel gym doesn’t have all the equipment you need.

Turn your hotel room into a gym

You can use your own equipment – ankle weights, dumb-bells, and resistance bands – and work out in your hotel room. You can also use the long hallways to do lunges (with ankle weights strapped on). Use furniture in the room to do basic muscle building exercises such as triceps dips, pushups, and sit-ups. See examples here in No Equipment Full Body Workout.


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