9 Ways to Stay Active and Fit Without the Gym

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Let’s face it – going to the gym can be pretty boring after a while.  And doing the same exercises over and over again will soon make you want to drop it altogether.  I know exactly what it feels like to hit that workout plateau.  But who says you have to be a gym rat in order to stay fit and be healthy?  Sometimes I can go for months without going to a gym, yet I maintain my fitness level and shape by doing other type of activities.  There are so many more fun ways to exercise than lifting weights and running on the treadmill.

Here are 9 ideas of activities you can do for exercise besides going to the gym:

Dancing1. Bust a Move

Dancing is fun and you don’t have to force yourself to do it! Take a dance class at your local fitness center, hire a dance instructor, or just go out dancing with your friends at a salsa club.

2. Hit a Ball

Pick up a racquet and head outdoors to play some badminton. If you are serious about the game, go to a local club that has badminton, tennis or squash courts. These sports are great cardio workouts, and your gluteus will be sore from all the lunges you’ll be doing.  If you are not into these types of games, try golf – which also involves hitting a ball!

Play Xbox Kinect3. Hook up your Xbox Kinect

These video games require you to move, jump, run in place, dance, reach, kick and swing your arms – and believe me your muscles will be sore the next day!  Incorporate playing this game for an hour into your daily routine and you’ll get into amazing shape without ever going to the gym. You’ll train your muscles and break a good sweat while playing.

Try Just Dance, Dance Central, Kinect Adventures, Kinect Sports, Zumba Fitness, and Your Shape Fitness games.  www.xbox.com/kinect 

4. Walk your Dog

Taking a walk with your dog is beneficial to both you and your dog. But make that a brisk walk so you can get your heart rate up. If you don’t have a dog, make it your baby in a stroller. And if you don’t have either, take a friend and do a few laps around the park. Exercise and quality time with your pal!

Jumping on trampoline5. Jump Around

Trampoline is a great workout and so much fun! Be cautious, as you can get injured if not being careful.  Don’t have a trampoline around?  Pick up a jump rope – not as much fun but excellent workout none-the-less.   You can skip rope virtually anywhere – at home, in your backyard, on the street, even at work! It’s super portable so you can take it with you when you travel and it fits into any bag. And talk about a great cardio workout! It’ll leave you breathless in a few minutes.

6. Play a Game

If you can get a few people together, organize a game of basketball or volleyball in the park or local community center. This can be so much fun and you won’t even think that you’re exercising. Like soccer, why not? American football anyone? Hockey – if you can find an ice rink. Whatever your game is, grab a few friends and play away.

Beach ball in the pool7. Have Fun with Water

Water doesn’t have to be just for swimming. If you are lucky enough to live near a beach, take a Frisbee or beach ball rackets and a friend and have a friendly match in the sand. You can also play water volleyball or just hit a beach ball back and forth with a friend in a pool. And of course you can swim laps if that’s what you like.


Rollerblading8. Bike ‘n’ Roll

I absolutely love biking and rollerblading. Great workout for the legs and gluteus! Go to the park or do it on a quiet empty road. On weekends I like taking the bike out of the city and go the distance on a long country road. Just put on your favorite tracks on the iPod and enjoy being outdoors. Besides toning your legs, both biking and rollerblading are great cardio workouts.



Skiing9. Enjoy Winter Sports

How about ice skating? If you have cold winters and an ice rink close by this is a great exercise. In warm climate countries there are indoor ice skating rinks. And if there’s snow and hills, go skiing or snowboarding. All of these are great exercises!





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