Stretching Benefits

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StretchingWhy Stretch?

Stretching, also known as flexibility training, should be incorporated into your routine after each workout. Like the warm-up and cool-down after cardio training, lots of people overlook stretching.  Some of the benefits of flexibility training are:

  • Flexible muscles reduce the risk of injury in the workout and in daily life
  • Flexible muscles help to achieve good posture, as good posture requires balanced muscle tone around the major joints of the skeleton
  • Improved flexibility and enhances the performance of everyday activities, as well as performance in exercise and sports;
  • Stretching helps to reduce stress in muscle that is being exercised, as well as releasing tension developed from the workout and from the day.

Take about 15 minutes to stretch after each workout and hold each stretch for 10 to 15 seconds. As you stretch each muscle, focus deeply on each stretch. Take a deep breath, clear your mind and focus on the stretch. Besides being beneficial to your body by preventing injuries, it’s a great way to relax the mind. You should do flexibility training seven days a week.

How about Yoga?

Yoga is an excellent form of flexibility training. I take a Yoga class once a week, and incorporate some Yoga moves into my post-workout routine.

Even if you don’t have time to do a full workout, or you’re just not up to it one day, take 15 minutes to just stretch your body. It’ll make you feel loose and relaxed and ready for the day!


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