Get In Touch With Your Inner Self

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Get in touch with your inner selfOur emotions play a big part in our health and overall wellbeing. Emotions can affect us mentally, physically and spiritually. If you’ve decided to lead a healthy lifestyle, keeping your emotions in check is a good idea.

Take a Look Inside

Ever feel like binging on a box of chocolates because of problems with your boyfriend or girlfriend? Or do you find yourself mindlessly munching on something that comes in a box while painfully bored at work? You may want to take a look inside, ask yourself a few questions, and rethink what you put in your mouth.

Learn to Know Your Body

Sometimes we get so caught up in our busy lives that we forget to pay attention to what our body may be telling us. Learn to know your body well and look for signs that are telling you to slow down and take better care of yourself. If you are not sleeping well, getting frequent headaches, colds, or  just not feeling well, your body may be suffering from stress, and you need to take steps to manage it. Knowing how your body reacts to internal and external stressors (certain foods, lack of sleep, work, feelings) will teach you how to take better care of your health.

Are you an Emotional Eater?

Pay close attention to your feelings and emotions. There may be emotional reasons for your poor lifestyle choices. You may not even realize it but you could be an emotional eater – using food to comfort yourself or to boost your mood.

Keeping a Journal may be helpful to get in touch with your feelings and help you discover why you may be overeating or feeling unhappy.


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