11 Reasons To Take Cold Showers

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hhblife-cold-showerI recently read an article about this on thehackedmind.com and it inspired me to write my own on why taking cold showers are beneficial, from a Healthy Happy Beautiful perspective. (Read article by Mans Denton here http://www.thehackedmind.com/7-reasons-to-take-cold-showers-and-1-that-really-matters/ )

I remember how my grandfather would always advocate cold showers when I was a little girl. He was a big believer that cold water was the key to healthy body and strong mind, and even when it was playtime in water or bath-time for me, he would condition me with cold water to build up my immune system. My grandfather was a very healthy and strong man, and while I think genetics probably have played a bigger role in that, he credited cold showers for that as many other people of his generation did.

Most of the points below are based on my own experiences or those of friends and even stories I’d heard.  There’s not that much scientific evidence out there to show that cold showers are beneficial to one’s health, but there are so many people around the world who swear by this method and adopt it as their way of life.  In some countries, people have been taking dips in cold water for centuries as a prophylactic measure to improve their wellbeing.

So here are HHB reasons to take cold showers:

Healthy Body

hhblife-strong-body1. Stronger Immune System

Cold water conditions your body by regulating its internal temperature and therefore improves its function.  You will be less susceptible to colds and infections as a result.

2. Faster Metabolism

Many believe that cold water helps kick start your metabolism, because the body starts to produce energy to regulate internal temperature continuously, thereby burning more calories throughout the day. But keep the shower short, as prolonged exposure to cold can actually trigger a primal response in your body to develop a layer of protective fat.

3. Improved Blood Circulation

Cold water can help improve your blood circulation as the blood starts flowing to your internal organs to keep them warmest. For even more increase in blood flow, try alternating between hot and cold water, as hot water makes blood flow to the skin.

Healthy Mind

hhblife-strong-mind4. Build Will Power and Strength of Character

Test your will power and improve your strength of character by taking cold showers every morning. Once you condition yourself for this habit, you will find it easier to deal with problems in other aspects of your life. For example, it might be easier for you to kick that nasty smoking or overeating habit because you will have built up your will power.


5. Condition your Mind and Build Mental Toughness

People who shower in cold water tend to be mentally stronger. You won’t be sweating the small stuff once you get used to gritting your teeth and enduring a few minutes of discomfort.  By introducing momentary daily discomfort into your life you are conditioning your mind to accept other challenges better and helping yourself deal with them. Many successful people including enterpreneurs and athletes use this method to help them achieve goals.  It toughens you up on the inside and outside.


hhblife-happy-mind6. Better Mood

Those who take cold showers report having a better mood throughout the day.  At first you will be quite miserable and uncomfortable as you take the plunge, but the feeling after is priceless!  I guess because you are so happy to get out of the shower and dry up, giving you that nice fuzzy feeling of happiness.

7. Higher Energy and Alertness

Cold showers will leave you feeling invigorated and revitalized. You just feel more light and fresh after a cold shower versus a hot one. And nothing wakes you up better and faster than some cold water.  Trust me, it works!

8. Improved Tolerance to Cold

For those who know me, will attest that I’ve always disliked cold weather and air conditioning. I’d be hiding under blankets and covers because I used to get cold very easily.  However, I noticed that after introducing cold showers into my daily routine, I can tolerate cold air much better.  I don’t feel as cold all the time, and that makes my life a lot easier and more enjoyable.


9. Better Looking Skin

Hot water actually dries out your skin, leaving it itchy and sometimes flakey.  By taking regular cold showers you will experience less dryness and flaking of the skin and scalp, and softer, smoother complexion.

10. Shinier Hair

Forget fancy conditioners and false advertisements that promise shine and softness for your hair.  What I mentioned before about skin applies to hair as well. Hot water is much more harsh on your hair cuticles and can strip it of moisture.  Rinsing with cold water, as much as you can handle, will give you the shiny locks you strive for.

hhblife-feet-hands11. Softer Feet

Some people report the skin on the bottoms of their feet becoming soft and calluses disappearing after a month of taking cold showers.  Pedicures are a great way to keep your feet soft, but bathing in cold water keeps them looking groomed in-between the salon sessions.


It is not going to be pleasant the first few times (or ever) as you submerge yourself under a stream of cold water, but think of all these great health benefits you will be getting.  It may be easier if you start by lowering the water temperature little by little every day until you can stand the coldest water you shower can offer.  Or start with just 3o seconds of cold water at the end of your normal shower and increase that time until you can stand the whole shower in cold water.  Just remember to breathe and relax as much as you can.

Bottom line is, you don’t need to do it for long. 5-10 minutes is plenty to get all the benefits of this therapy.



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