Find your support system

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Find your support systemSurrounding yourself with positive energy and removing any negative influences is the key to your success in developing a new healthy lifestyle.

It is all around you

Where can you get positive energy? What a pity it isn’t as easy as buying a can of it off the supermarket shelves. And yet positive energy is all around you. It comes from your support system, which comprises the people close to you who understand your decision to make changes to your lifestyle, encourage you to keep going, and help you when you feel that you can’t keep it up. It can be your family, a friend or group of friends, or even a support group in your community or online. These are the people you can talk to when you feel discouraged; or, when you want to ask for advice, or use as an example to help keep you on track.

Follow a good example

If you have a friend who is just as serious about living a healthy lifestyle as you are, use her as your role model and follow her example to make the right lifestyle choices. Your support system can also be your nutritionist or a trainer at the gym. Since most of them practice what they preach, they can give you helpful advice and tips, and encourage you to keep going. There are also many support groups for whatever help you may need … whether it’s for quitting smoking, losing weight, stress management, or substance abuse. You may find one in your community or go online for various web boards, chat rooms, and websites. Sometimes hearing or reading other people’s experiences can help put your own issues in perspective, and make you feel that you are not alone.

Eliminate bad influences

Besides using your support system for positive energy, you also have to remove any negative influences while you are developing your new healthy lifestyle. It is especially important in the early stages of your new lifestyle so that you don’t easily slip back to your old ways. Determine what obstacles you may face as you move towards your goals, and make some changes in your life to accommodate those obstacles.

If your roommate or family members keep junk food around the house, talk to them about your intentions and ask them not to keep tempting food where it is easily available. And if your friends always persuade you to go out for dinner, propose to take turns hosting dinner at home with a healthy menu.

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