How Much Sleep Is Enough?

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How much sleep is enoughIf you want to feel good, be healthy, and look fresh, you may need to spend about one third of your life sleeping! That may seem like a lot, especially if you have a very dynamic lifestyle.

Of course the amount of sleep a person needs varies individually. Some can function well with about six hours while others (myself included) feel they need nine.

To determine how much sleep your body needs, try keeping a sleep journal for a few weeks. Write down the times you went to bed, what time you think you fell asleep, what time you woke up, and whether or not you woke up during the night. Monitor your sleep patterns for this period and note how you feel during waking hours. If you have trouble staying alert during monotonous activities (dull meetings, wait time, tedious tasks), and feel your energy level dropping at a particular time during the day, you may not be getting enough sleep. Other signs that you are not getting enough sleep are irritability, lack of focus, and trouble concentrating and remembering facts.


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