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VitaminsYou have to get all the necessary vitamins that your body needs to function properly and make you feel and look your best. Vitamins have a big effect on your appearance, mood, and energy levels, and are necessary for growth and vitality.

What do Vitamin supplements do?

By themselves, vitamins don’t have any calories, protein, fat, or carbohydrates, and are not a replacement for food. But they energize your body, regulate your metabolism, enable cell growth and help many other bodily functions. When you don’t get enough vitamins, you can feel tired and depressed. Your hair, nails and skin may appear unhealthy.

Vitamins are found in all natural foods and the best way to get all the vitamins you need is through a complete, balanced and healthy diet.

Can’t I get everything my body needs from a healthy diet?

It’s not hard to get your vitamins. You should get all the vitamins and minerals your body needs by eating approximately five servings of fruits and vegetables, six servings of complex carbohydrates, two to three servings of protein with good fat, and two servings of dairy every day.

Oh dear. That sounds like a lot of food, and it’s very difficult to remember. And who has time to eat so well every day? We all lead busy lives and sometimes it can be difficult to find time to eat, let alone eat well.  If you feel that you’re not getting enough vitamins through your diet, you should consider taking supplements. If you have any special medical conditions it is best to first talk to your doctor before you start taking food supplements.

Which vitamin supplements should I take?

Usually, one multi-vitamin a day is enough to give you all the necessary vitamins and minerals that you may be lacking. But if you feel you are lacking specific vitamins, consider taking additional supplements. For me, if I feel a cold coming on, I increase my dose of Vitamin C in addition to my daily multi-vitamin to give my immune system an extra boost.

Taking food supplements is great to give your body what it needs, but you cannot take them in place of food. They should be added as a complement to a healthy balanced diet.


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