Tomato-Cucumber-Radish Salad with Feta Cheese

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(Makes 2 servings)
1 large tomato
1 long cucumber
3 medium radishes
1/2 pack spring onion
Dill, parsley (optional)
2 tablespoons of olive oil
1/2 cup goat’s milk feta cheese (or greek-style yogurt as another option)
Salt and pepper, to taste


1. Chop all the vegetables into bite-size pieces and toss in a large bowl

2. Chop the spring onion, dill, and parsley finely and add to the salad

3. Add the olive oil, salt and pepper, and mix well

4. Crumble the goat’s milk feta cheese into the salad, and mix gently. (If using yogurt, add 1/2 cup and mix gently)

5. Best if served immediately


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