What’s the Secret to Losing Weight?

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What’s the secretWhat Goes In, What Goes Out

There are no secrets when it comes to eating right. It’s as simple as this: If you consume more calories than your body spends in a day, you will gain weight. If you consume less calories than what you spent in a day, you will lose weight. And if you consume the same amount of calories that you burned off, your weight will stay the same.  

Nothing could be simpler, right? So why don’t we follow it?

Because you, like me, are a human being. We have our moods and feelings, our ups and our downs. Sometimes we’re strong, and other times we break. But still, if we are mindful of what I just wrote, we can make changes to our lives and our eating habits.

Practice Portion Control

I admit that sometimes there are other factors that affect the body’s ability to burn calories normally, such as hereditary inclination and use of some medical drugs. But essentially that is how the body works for almost everyone. Thus, there’s no need to diet, or cut out any food groups. There really is no ‘bad’ or ‘good’ food, and one particular food cannot ruin your healthy eating plan. It all comes down to the basics of “how much you consumed vs how much you spent”, so focus on portion control instead of dieting.


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