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Since my year as Miss Universe I continue to be involved with many charitable organizations and causes.  Here are a few of the organizations that I support.


Soi Dog Logo

Being a big animal lover, I am an ambassador for Soi Dog Foundation, an organization that ensures animal welfare on the streets of Thailand. One of their biggest missions is to end the illegal dog meat trade that happens in south-east Asia. They rescue hundreds of dogs every week from a terrible fate of being cruelly slaughtered, then shelter and treat them and try to find them new homes.



We also encourage people to adopt stray animals as their pets instead of buying them. Soi Dog organization has a wonderful rehoming program where you can find an array of furry friends to adopt as your own.  Stray cats and dogs make great pets, and appreciate you giving them a gift of a loving home. I visited their shelter to see first hand the work of so many volunteers and the two founders John and Gill, who work tirelessly to save the lives of animals and give them a fighting chance.  Being a patron of the organization, I also sponsor a dog with a monthly donation and encourage everyone to do the same. You can join the sponsorship program online at their website.




Fin Free logo

Initiated in part by Freeland organization, Fin Free Thailand is a community campaign taking shark fin off the menu, in order to protect sharks, our oceans, and consumers’ health.  An estimated 100 million sharks are brutally killed to fill the demand for shark fin soup, leading to a possible extinction of the entire species.  As apex predators, sharks play an important role in maintaining a balance of a healthy marine ecosystem that billions of people depend on for food.  Shark meat and fins contain one of the highest level of mercury of any other fish, and are therefore very harmful to those who consume it.  Some health concerns include: neurological disorders and cognitive dysfunction, central nervous system damage, infertility and fetal development problems.

hhblife-fin-free-awardI joined the effort to bring this message to the public in 2013 and have been working since then to encourage hotels to ban shark fin soup from their menus and restaurants.  I’ve spoken to media and public to warn them of the dangers of eating shark fin soup, walked in a protest rally against shark fin soup, and campaigned on social media about the cruel and barbaric way this industry is built on.  When the fin of the shark is cut off, the shark is thrown back into the ocean where it cannot swim and slowly dies. Say NO to shark fin soup!


UNEP logo

In May 2011, I traveled to the Maldives to attend the Ozone2Climate Technology Road show, on behalf of UNEP (United Nations Environmental Program) as a celebrity ambassador, to help introduce new technologies that are environmentally and ozone-friendly. I recorded a public service announcement to encourage people to be aware when buying home appliances.


UNEP Natalie Glebova



WWF logoEarth Hour logo  

As an advocate for animal rights and wildlife conservation, I greatly support the WWF organization. In the past I have worked with WWF Greater Mekong division to put a stop to animal trafficking of endangered species such as the Tiger and the Asian Elephant.  I have attended events and rallies organized by WWF and Traffic organizations.  Most recently, as part of WWF publicity stunt I have attended the CITIES conference in Bangkok dressed up as Wonder Woman to address the delegates on the importance of elephant conservation and to encourage them to stop wildlife crimes around the world.  Our intention was to help save the African elephants from extinction by proposing a total ivory ban in Thailand and neighboring countries.

Earth Hour is a global event created by WWF that usually takes place at the end of March every year. It is an initiative to save electricity and get people used to the idea of always turning off unnecessary lights at home or at work. I have attended Earth Hour in Bangkok for the last 3 years as a celebrity ambassador of this wonderful event.


Natalie Glebova at Earth Hour 2009hhblife-wonderwoman-wwf