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I’ve seen many ladies that are skinny but look unhealthy and also have a cellulite problem. It seems like even when you diet you can still have fat and cellulite. Can I get rid of it by dieting without exercise?

Sent in by Sawitree L, on 28-Sep-2011, under Fitness.


Dieting alone is not enough to look fit and healthy, and for cellulite to completely go away. The problem with cellulite is that some people are lucky to have been genetically blessed with good skin tone and texture, while others are not. For those unlucky ones, even dieting and weight loss will not remove cellulite. Exercise can definitely help though. When you develop muscle tissue, your body looks more toned and you skin appears smoother.

The reason why you see some skinny girls looking unhealthy is because they don’t exercise, and therefore have no muscle tone. This makes them look soft and saggy. By training your muscles regularly (lifting weights or doing Pilates or yoga) your entire body will look tight, toned and healthy.

There are other ways to reduce the appearance of cellulite, such as expensive creams, even more expensive laser treatments, or cheaper but not so effective home remedies. And then, it only works as long as you are using the treatment. As soon as you stop, the cellulite comes back. Home remedies such as rubbing ground coffee beans on problem areas can stimulate the tissue under the skin and make cellulite less visible temporarily.

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