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Can you please give me some tips to prevent hair loss? I'm 19 years old and I've already started losing hair.

Sent in by Aisha, on 16-Oct-2011, under Beauty.


At 19 years of age, statistically you are too young to have serious hair loss. Before you panic, see if your hair loss may be associated with damage due to harsh hair products, blowdryers/straighteners, or aggressive handling. If you pull on your hair does a lot of it come out? If not, you shouldn't worry. People lose on average about 100 hairs a day and that is part of a normal hair growth cycle. However, if you notice significant loss, it may be something more serious.

Hair loss is something very specific to each individual. Some people may lose hair because it's in their genes, for others it may be due to hormone imbalance (for example after pregnancy) or medical condition. And some people may be lacking a nutrient from their diet or taking a certain medication, which can cause hair loss. Since I don't know your medical history, your diet, or your genetics, it would be difficult for me to give you a helpful solution.

What I can recommend, is that you seek advice of a doctor, who will be able to determine the cause of your hair loss and recommend a solution designed specifically for you.

The best thing I can suggest is to live a healthy lifestyle as outlined in my website. Don't smoke, drink plenty of water, sleep adequately, and eat lots of fruit and vegetables. Vegetarians who don't get enough iron and protein can experience hair loss, so make sure you are not lacking any important nutrient from your diet. Stress can also lead to hair loss, so take care of your mind and emotions.

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