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I live in a hotel in Brazil and I have lunch and dinner in a restaurant that serves meat, barbecue, pizza, and hamburgers. I am an athlete so I need to eat a lot. Can you recommend a way to eat healthy while always dining in a restaurant?

Sent in by Thales Santana, on 22-Nov-2011, under Nutrition.


It can be very difficult to eat healthy and keep weight under control if you eat all your meals in a restaurant. Usually restaurant food is higher in calories and salt, and has bigger portions.  Considering the bigger portions, don't eat everything on your plate, and leave part of it, or split the meal into two parts by taking part of it to-go. When you order meat, make adjustments, and ask the chef to prepare your meal with less oil, or no butter or oil at all - grilled, baked, steamed are the key words to ask for. For side dishes, ask for grilled or steamed vegetables instead of fries or rice.  For dessert opt for fresh fruit, or just a small bite of something sweet.

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