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I notice that you don't seem to be into a juicing regimen. I used to only drink 100% juices such as grape, pomegranate, orange & apple. Yet I discovered that there is a huge difference between juices that are freshly made vs 100% juices that are pasteurized. What do you think about juicing?

Sent in by Paul, on 28-Dec-2011, under Nutrition.


You are absolutely right, freshly squeezed juices are the best, and can't compare to packaged juices no matter how natural they say they are. I would choose a freshly squeezed juice of any kind over anything else. However, it's not always readily available unless you have your own juicer, which I don't. Also, as healthy as freshly squeezed juices are, they are very high in sugar, but not high in fiber, which is why I prefer to eat real fruit (it's full of fiber). Drinking too much of any kind of juice can lead to higher blood sugar levels and it adds up to a lot of calories. One glass of juice is the maximum I'd recommend for a day. The other type of packaged juice I drink, is just a splash diluted with mostly water, to make water easier to drink and to get more liquids in my day.

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