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My face is round and large and I also have a bit of a double chin. What should i do to get rid of the double chin and how can I thin out the roundness of my face? I workout daily and drink 3 glasses of banana shake to build my chest, but it is affecting my face and belly.

Sent in by Snehil, on 16-Oct-2011, under Nutrition.


If the banana shakes are affecting your face and belly, you may want to consider cutting down on them. These types of shakes are usually high in calories and you shouldn't drink more than 1 after your workout. To build your chest, you need protein, so try adding protein powder to your post-workout shake. If you still cannot get rid of a double chin, you may want to consider light liposuction. It's a non-invasive, easy procedure that can be done by a qualified plastic surgeon.

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