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I heard some women use hemorrhoid cream to reduce puffiness under their eyes. Does this really work? Is it safe?

Sent in by Natasha, on 11-Oct-2011, under Beauty.


Applying hemorrhoid cream is something you can do in extreme cases and I don’t advise to use it every day. It sounds kind of bizarre, to put something on your face that would normally go up your behind. But it’s been proven to work! And it’s a staple in the pageant circles. When I was competing in pageants, a lot of girls used it for eye bags and other places where they felt saggy before competitions (thighs, belly, etc). Preparation H is one brand of such a cream. To use, just dab a small amount right on the problem area and let it absorb before applying makeup – don’t rinse it off. Hemorrhoid creams have anti-inflammatory agents that reduce swelling. If you do decide to try it, please avoid getting it in the eyes!

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