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Before this upcoming bikini season, I want to get into shape and focus on a few areas, particularly upper legs, butt, and lower abs. Any tips or motivation? I'm lazy to do squats and lunges like I know I should.

Sent in by Mallory O, on 12-Mar-2012, under Fitness.


If you want to target your upper legs and gluteus (butt), you should of course do those lunges and squats that we all hate so much. But if you really can't commit to this exercise routine, my suggestion is to invest into the Xbox 360 Kinect video game. www.xbox.com/kinect 

Try Just Dance, Dance Central, Kinect Adventures, Kinect Sports, Zumba Fitness, and Your Shape Fitness games.

These video games require you to move, jump, run in place, dance, reach, kick and swing your arms - and believe me your muscles will be sore the next day!  Incorporate playing this game for an hour into your daily routine and you'll get into amazing shape without ever going to the gym. You'll train your muscles and break a good sweat while playing. My favorite game for legs and butt is the Reflex Ridge on Kinect Adventures disk.

As for lower abs, I'm afraid the only thing you can do is tons and tons of crunches and sit-ups. There's no other way around it!

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