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When you answered your final question during Miss Universe 2005 pageant, you said, “The biggest challenge in my life is to always think positively but I always try to maintain a positive outlook on life”. How do you follow this philosophy in your daily life? What is the secret to always maintaining a positive attitude?

Sent in by Tanya, on 21-Oct-2012, under Mind.


My advice for maintaining a positive attitude is: be conscious of your thoughts, be generous to others, and be grateful. By being conscious of every negative thought that comes into your mind you can stop it in its tracks and switch it immediately to something positive. This may take some practice, but getting into a habit of switching focus from negative to positive thoughts will eventually make negative thoughts happen less and less. By being generous to others, you are automatically creating positive feelings and happiness. Acts of giving and kindness bring out positive emotions in all people.  The easiest thing to give is a smile. When you smile at a stranger and get a smile back, you get an instant mood lift. Finally, count your blessings and be grateful for everything good you have in your life. Sometimes we forget the simple things that make our lives so rich. Once you focus on all the good things and people in your life, you will feel happy and lucky. Do this more often, and you’ll be a pro at thinking positively!

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