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When is it better to do cardio exercise - in the morning or the evening? And is it better to exercise before or after your meals?

Sent in by Nikolina, on 19-Mar-2014, under Fitness.


You should exercise whenever you find it most convenient and at a time that will allow you to make it a routine daily.  There is no best time, as the calories you burn during morning exercise will be the same as the ones you will burn in the evening.  You should pick the time when you feel the most energetic.  Morning people like to do it earlier in the day. I prefer to do it in late afternoon/early evening.  However, you should avoid exercising too close to bed-time as it may be difficult to fall asleep.  It is always advised to eat a little bit before you exercise.  Don't exercise on an empty stomach as that could make you feel dizzy or sick.  Eat a light meal or snack of carbohydrates and a bit of fat, but not too much protein.  A perfect pre-exercise meal could be a whole-wheat english muffin with peanut/almond butter; Greek-style yoghurt with flax seeds; or a piece of fruit and handful of nuts.  This will give your body the needed energy to complete the workout.  Afterwards, you can have another light snack such as a banana, or half a turkey sandwich.

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