3 Common Styles of Pickup Truck Beds


Pickup trucks are a popular vehicle in the U.S., with over three million sold in the nation in 2019 according to Statista. If you own one, used or new, then you understand the usefulness of new and used pickup truck beds. They are excellent for storage, making deliveries and hauling heavy or dirty objects. They also serve as perfect extra seating for when the whole family wants to enjoy some time out together, as well as for people who just want to experience the pleasing sensation of cool wind blowing past them on a pretty summer day. There also exist many modifications that can be made to improve their functionality like adding a tonneau cover and many DIY projects for repurposing them such as using them as mobile plant nurseries. Just as there are different sizes, shapes and styles of trucks, there are many different kinds of beds available.

  1. Well Body Beds

Also referred to as a step-style bed, this kind of bed is bound on three sides with body panels inside of the wheel wells and possesses a fully rectangular form. A hinged tailgate is generally attached to the rear portion of the bed. This is the original design, the kind on the first pickup trucks, though today it is mostly favored for aesthetic purposes. Depending on the automobile manufacturer, it might be known by other names.

  1. Standard Beds

Standard truck beds have wheel wells on the interior of the bed and are generally wider than well body beds. Known for producing less noise at fast speeds and for their greater storage and carrying capacity space-wise, these are the most popular pickup truck beds today.

  1. Drop-side Beds

These are essentially flat trays. Bracketing them on the rear and sides are hinged panels that can each be lowered independently of the others. Some models come with completely detachable ones, which allows for the transport of loads too large to fit when the bed is fully enclosed.

Truck beds are also differentiated by size. The type best for each individual is dependent on his or her desired purpose.