3 Tips to Identify Good Online Casinos


This past year has been particularly beneficial for online gaming as offline options have become less accessible, and with questions around what this next year may have in store still circulating and further uncertainty for offline options, online alternatives are looking to continue to thrive. Amongst the most popular online entertainment choices has been within online gambling and casinos, changing attitudes towards gaming have allowed them to swell in numbers and although there have been initiative and regulation changes through platforms such as Gamstop to slow the growth, many like these are still readily available to a growing number of players. But with the surge of new players comes the risk of using sites set up specifically to capture new players – so how can you identify good online casinos, and what should you look out for to avoid the bad ones?

(Image from thewowstyle.com)

Too good to be true offers ­– One of the immediate red flags to keep an eye out for are the bonus offers and deals that sound too good to be true. Whilst many legitimate sites will offer some great benefits and bonuses for registering with them, there are those that will try to draw players in with deposit matching and bet matching offers that fall way beyond this. If a bonus sounds too good to be true, it probably is, and you may be better off avoiding this service and searching for a new one.

A library of big names – Any operator can add games from the biggest providers as long as they pay the licensing and rights to do so, as such it isn’t uncommon to see sites offer thousands of different titles and even some more recognized names too which can often lead newer players into a false sense of security – as such a library of bigger names isn’t necessarily a good indicator of a good service. Many of the more recognizable names in the industry also have access to these games, so you can stick to the bigger more well-known names in the industry can offer all of the same titles too.

Easy to identify security info – When trying out a new service it’s important to check out the credentials for licensing and regulation reasons, legitimate services will easily display all of this information in the footer or the about us page so that any concerned players can verify the service and the safety of playing immediately. Less than trustworthy sites will try to conceal this information, hide it behind multiple pages or even if some instances not offer it up at all – if you’re unsure about a service, be sure to look up the security info for licensing and verify that it’s  a legitimate service, and if you’re unsure then it’s better to be safe than sorry and move on to another service where you can verify the integrity and be sure that you’re receiving the best experience possible. A free signup bonus no deposit casino India is a great way to start your online gaming journey without risking any of your own money.