5 Tips To Decorate Your Girls’ Room


Getting your own room or sharing one with a sister is almost a rite of passage for most girls. It is an exciting time to have your very own space and decorate it however you want. However, before girls can hang posters of their favorite actors and bands, as parents it is up to you to make the first decorating decisions.

Yes, it can be hard at first, especially if sisters have to share, but here are a few tips that can help you choose the right decor for your girls:

Tip #1: Opt For A More Grownup Color Scheme

It can be cute to use a lot of light colors such as baby pink, soft yellows, and splashes of purple to the room, but expect to paint over the walls in a couple of years. Girls like to feel like they’re grown up and choosing warmer colors such as green and brown with a tinge of hot pink is more “adult” than lighter colors.

This allows the girls to feel more grown up and they will most probably keep the color scheme the same until they move out for college.

Tip #2: Separate Their Areas

Sisters sharing one room can get messy, crowded, and loud. The best way to ensure they can peacefully share their room is to separate their areas clearly. This can be done by changing the color scheme of one side and the other based on their favoritecolors.

Or simply hanging sister ornaments with their initials on their separate beds to mark their personal areas as theirs.

Tip #3: Adding Something Personal

Get the girls involved in the decorating process as well. It is their room, so of course, they should add something that’s truly theirs. Simple choices such as different bed frames they pick out, personalized rugs at the end of their beds, or even just hanging up pictures they love will make the room their special space.

Trying to hang something on the door like the sister ornaments to let everyone know it’s their room and theirs alone. Giving them a sense of ownership might just encourage them to care and clean their room.

Tip #4: Maximize Space

Sharing a bedroom, especially a small one can mean the space is limited. The best way to maximize the area is to use shelves and other organizers to keep everything in their place. Bookshelves are excellent storage spaces while the gap beneath the bed can be used for keeping shoes or clothes aside from the closet.

Be creative in maximizing the space and you’ll find your girls enjoying their room, despite having limited floor space.

Tip #5: A Dedicated Study Area

Encourage your girls to take their studies seriously by creating a study area inside their room. This can simply be a study table with a lamp and a comfy chair. Add a calendar or a study chart to help them keep track of homework if you have space and budget for it.

As long as it is strictly used for studying, your girls can develop good study habits from an early age.

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