6 hits of modern French music to listen to!


French music is as rich as it is diverse. As in all other countries, it has evolved over time. Going from bomb to bomb, French voices continue to add something to the music of the country. Do you want to discover French music in all its splendor? Discover here the top 6 hits of modern French music to listen to.

Before you from Vitaa and Slimane

There is nothing better than starting with a winning duo. In addition, this is a mixed duo. You will therefore have all the pleasure of admiring the femininity as well as the masculinity of French music. Framed by 15 other songs on the show ” Who Won The 2020 Song of the Year? ” “Before you, Vitaa and Slimane took first place. It should be noted that the jury was none other than the public itself.

In addition, it is worth remembering that together, with their album Versus, these two French stars have sold more than 500,000 albums. Discover the power of French music poetry through a mixture of highs and lows. To learn as much as possible about the beauty of French culture, you can take a ride on french-iceberg.

Khapta of Heuss the Bastard

Are you a rap fan? So you should like this hit. In a colorful and particularly cozy festive atmosphere, Heuss l’Enfoiré raps in all simplicity with Sofiane by his side. With the title Khapta meaning party or evening (especially alcoholic evening), this song thrills you and makes you discover rap in all its splendor.

But khapta also means ” drunkenness “, in a vulgar way ” to be drunk “. You will therefore understand that when the artist sings ” I am in my khapta “, everything is said. That’s not all, this title was a real success with over 15 million streams. To top it off, he is at the head of the top French hits in 2019.

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Djadja by Aya Nakamura

This time it is R&B for women. Beyond simple words, this song tells a whole story. It was to such a point that the song remained in the minds a year after the release of the hit. Indeed, everyone wondered who was the famous Djadja described by the song.

Moreover, the singer would have confessed sometime later that Djadja was not just a simple character. Apparently, he was someone who had left a negative impression on the French star. Finally, this hit is one of the best of 2018.

Mwaka Moon from Kalash

This hit dates from 2017. For the record, Kalash is a very famous French rapper. Literally translated, mwaka moon means Antillean moon. Between vulgarity and poetry, this song will undeniably take you on a journey. Proclaimed Diamond Single shortly after its release, this hit topped the charts for eight weeks.

Joyce Jonathan and Vianney’s Girls Today

The list started with a duo so it may well end with a duo. The poetry of French music is revealed again through the mix of two beautiful voices. One wonders what the famous girls of today that the song is about. You will see more clearly by immersing yourself in the universe of the hit.

One thing is certain, you won’t be disappointed whether you are a fan of pop or not. If you want to make a comeback to 2016, this song might be a great choice for you.