Age Limit for Baby Swings




Nothing beats a baby swing when it comes to the comfort and peace of both the baby and parent. While the baby gets a warm and comfy place to sleep, the parents can rest easy for the time being. Apart from the mother’s lap, a baby swing is the other best option for the crying, sleep-deprived baby to rest. 

The gentle swinging not only induces a good sleep but will also stop the baby’s cry. Without a doubt, a baby swing acts as an ideal comfort-zone for a baby to rest. However, is there any age limit related to a baby swing? 

Well, every baby swing has a recommended age and weight limit that must be observed strictly. Let’s shed some more light on the topic under discussion.


What’s the right age?

It is safe for a newborn to be placed in a baby swing a few days or weeks after the birth. The baby can start using the baby swing right away from birth to toddlerhood. However, every baby swing model might have a distinct recommended age limit. Therefore, you must consider the age limit for your swing model beforehand. It’s still best to consult your pediatrician in this regard to know whether it is safe for your newborn to be placed in a baby swing.

Even though it is perfectly safe for a newborn to use a baby swing, yet it’s better to wait until the baby can easily support his/her head. With the time being, the baby will grow in size up to a point where a baby swing won’t fit the baby anymore. Anyhow, rest assured that your baby can easily make use of its swing up to the age of 8 months, depending upon the model. Some larger baby swing models might even allow accommodating kids up to 2 years old. However, after eight months of age, the baby might start crawling and moving a lot and, therefore, might not depend as much on the baby swing.

Note that it is recommended for the babies under the age of 4 months to be placed in a reclined position in the swing to avoid them from leaning over and suffocating. Also, make sure that the baby swing is not damaged in any way and doesn’t topple over easily. If your baby swing comes with straps or harness system, make sure to buckle it properly. Otherwise, the baby might fall off the swing or get tangled. Ideally, 30 to 40 minutes of swing time is enough for the baby. Swing more than this specified time might cause dizziness in some babies. 

As for the weight limit, most of the baby swings allow them to hold up to 14 kg of weight. However, it’s better not to test the weight limit, and one should stop as the baby weighs 11kg to 12 kg.



There is no exact starting age for the babies to use a baby swing. They can begin using soon after birth to all the way to toddlerhood. However, make sure the baby’s weight limit does not exceed the prescribed weight capacity for your model of the baby swing. Enjoy your time with your precious little thing, and keep it safe.