Benefits of Clay Brick in Construction!


We know that brick is a building material used to construct walls, pavements and other elements in masonry construction. Brick is an ancient type of construction material and still used widely today. Among the various types of bricks, clay bricks are the most common ones as it offers a wide range of advantages. Some benefits of working with these materials are related to clay brick price (ราคา อิฐมอญ, which is the term in Thai) that are extremely affordable, the durability of the product, and many more. 

Here are the top Benefits that you can avail with Clay Bricks:

  • Clay Bricks as Thermal Batteries:

The clay bricks use the energy from the sun and provide natural thermal energy thus minimizing the need for electricity-based equipment like air conditioners, heaters, etc.  Thus, clay bricks act as good thermal batteries to save and provide energy.

  • Cost-Effective:

Clay brick is proven to be cost-effective as the clay brick price is affordable and also offers many long-term savings like savings on plastering or painting, savings on air conditioning and heaters, savings on cleaning and repair, savings on maintenance and cracking. 

  • Structural Strength:

The clay bricks offer appreciably high strength and have high load bear capacity. There is no or negligible cracking offering extensive structural integrity to the wall. Changes in temperature usually cause walls to crack because of expansion or contraction. But this is not the case for clay bricks. The cracking is minimal even in the presence of extreme temperature fluctuations.

  • Incombustible Nature:

One desired quality of any building material is its inability to catch fire. And clay brick is incombustible and does not catch fire. Thus, there are no chances of fire accidents because of the usage of clay bricks. The clay bricks can resist even at temperatures of above 1000 degrees Celsius. They also do not conduct electricity and lightening which is another major advantage.

  • Water-Resistant Property:

The clay brick has the property of absorbing water quickly and also releases moisture quickly. It does not retain water for a longer time when they get because of rains or floods etc. They do not retain any ugly stains on the walls when they get wet. Thus, aesthetic appearance is also not affected.

  • Durability:

The clay bricks can withstand extreme conditions where there are changes in climate like some industrial areas. In industrial areas, there is a lot of change in the composition of the atmosphere which is undesirable. But these clay bricks offer high durability even to these severe climatic conditions.