Bitcoin Bottom will be $100,000 by 2028


The current market is having a lot of talks and analysis of Bitcoins. A lot of experts are trying to gawk at the future and make the finest predictions. These are offering good assurance and being very much, unlike the current sideways market. It is being said that these are temporary and the prices will soon be done for.

Bitcoin price will soar above $100,000 in a decade

Price prediction speculations are always interesting, much like fiction. Over the last 2 years, analysts have offered all kinds of analysis that have said everything from a crash to millions of dollars. One of the latest analysis is from the entrepreneur Harold Christopher Burger who has been looking into the long-term growth prospects of Bitcoin. Most of the historical price predictions take into account the state of the current market.

When Bitcoin prices went up parabolically, people started to order purple Lamborghinis and strive for the moon. However, as 2018 came, the scenario has totally changed. Everyone started to see Bitcoin as a bubble that had collapsed. However, with the start of 2019, things started to pick up the pace again, at least for Bitcoins. So where would the prices be heading next?

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When we look back at the 10-year history of Bitcoin, it might provide us with some information about the future. This is what the researchers have precisely done. he said that the price evolution of Bitcoin can be understood as moving inside a corridor. It can be defined by 2 power laws that are based on time. Two very bold predictions can be made with this model:

The Bitcoin price will reach $100,000 not earlier than 2021 but not later than in 2028. After 2028, the Bitcoin prices will never drop below 2028.

The price for Bitcoins will reach $1M no earlier than 2028 but not later than 2037. After that, the prices will never drop below the $1M margin.

The price corridor has been divided into two sections – one of them at the lower end and the other at the upper end of the price predictions. Bitcoin price has spent the same amount of time in each band which further suggests that there is a large boom and bust cycles are being expected. In-depth methods continue to explore the price models. Bitcoin has gone through many orders of magnitude in just a few years. Instead of linear scales, logarithmic scales had to be used as they represent a much better evolution. This chart can be seen depicting the growth curve.

However, this is just another price model. However, it does suggest the past and current prices quite well. It can be seen that Bitcoin is building up to become better over the years.