Can Blood Stains Be Dangerous to Clean?

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Believe it or not, accidents are inevitable. They are incidences that happen when we least expected. As much as you take every necessary precaution to prevent these mishaps from happening, there is no way you will know when an accident involving blood spillage might occur. While it is important to learn ways on how to prevent accidents to the barest minimum, it is also advisable to understand the steps to take in the aftermath of an accident. Depending on the complexity of the accident and how much blood spillage is involved, you may need to get help from a professional crime scene cleaner Oceanside. 

Exposure to blood and bloodstains affects people across all walks of life. This begs the question: can blood stains be dangerous to clean? The simple answer is yes, blood stains are dangerous and should not be handled lightly. Many crime scene cleaners Oceanside say that one of the most potentially hazardous substances to clean up is blood. Exposure to blood can lead to a deadly infection. Also, you are at risk of exposure to bloodborne pathogens, Hepatitis, HIV, and MRSA. Whether fresh blood or dry blood, they are contagious. Since bloodborne pathogens can survive on surfaces outside the body for days, weeks, and even months, you are at risk of getting infected. For instance, Hepatitis can thrive outside the body and in dried blood for up to a week. 

How Safe Is It to Clean UP Blood Myself

Depending on how much blood spillage is involved. If it’s a small spillage, then you can probably clean up blood yourself. But if it’s a pool of blood or if the spillage seeps through a porous surface, this is something that requires the attention of crime scene cleaners Oceanside. These experts make use of the best cleaning agents. More so, they have state of the art tools for testing pathogens. A professional cleaning service will perform a thorough job to ensure that no risk is involved in the process. 

Business owners and employees are admonished to follow standard procedures dealing with blood cleanup. All businesses are to comply with the government laid down rules which border around regular training of employees about bloodborne pathogens. Professional crime scene cleaners Oceanside are not only equipped but also compliant with government-mandated criteria. 

Tips on How to Clean Blood Safely

If you choose to clean small blood spills without professional help, consider these tips

  • Gear up. Get PPE handy. This includes goggle, gloves, respirators, and gowns
  • Clean and disinfect affect area 
  • Carefully dispose of the waste products and contaminated items on the site. Get a durable trash bag for waste
  • Do not forget to wash your hands with soap and water thoroughly. 

However, it may look, cleaning a blood spill yourself is not advisable. You should allow crime scene cleaners Oceanside to perform the cleaning jop as they are known to always follow public health and safety rules.