Common Co-Managed IT Service Models for Businesses  


Businesses experiencing unprecedented growth might find technology workload difficult to handle, considering the needs of employees for technical assistance. The business’ in-house information technology (IT) team alone might not be enough to solve IT-related problems. 

Losing productivity because of tech problems is a no-no among enterprises. Organizations outsource their IT operations to Co-Managed IT companies to address the lack of workforce or capital for maintaining technologies.

Co-Managed IT support can reduce the burden shouldered by the IT department. These businesses can perform outsourced IT tasks to assist the in-house team. However, these solutions are not one-fit-for-all because each IT support provider employs a different Co-Managed model.

Learning the different Co-Managed models is essential to determine the best model to integrate among businesses. Here are the most common models enterprises can purchase:

Outsource Helpdesk

This Co-Managed model allows businesses to let their in-house IT experts handle the toughest IT issues while the outsourced team manages mundane helpdesk calls. 

Helpdesk outsourcing is particularly effective for businesses with physical offices in multiple locations and time zones. Incorporating this model help standardize the helpdesk services in different places and outside normal business hours. Because of this, enterprises no longer need one or more IT specialists waiting for calls in the graveyard schedule.

Outsource Infrastructure Management

This Co-Managed model lets the outsourced IT team manage the business’ entire IT infrastructure while the in-house IT staff takes care of the first-line technical support.

IT infrastructure management outsourcing fits businesses with half of their employees working at one location, having remote workers or offices depending on the headquarter (HQ) resources, or its work schedule aligns to the HQ time zone.

With this model, businesses can provide employees first-rate, personalized IT support while getting professional-grade IT management from an outsourced team of IT specialists.

Look for a Reputable Co-Managed IT Provider

Given that there are different Co-Managed IT services models, businesses must search for trusted providers that can meet their demands for seamless, continuous tech operations. Doing such enables enterprises to perform well and gain a competitive edge.

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