Diamond Engagement ring, what frequent mistakes to avoid


If you are looking for an engagement ring, maybe a solitaire ring or one with more precious stones, read these lines well and you will make the best choice.

Engagement ring, how to choose it

One of the most delicate moments in the relationship is the choice of which engagement ring to give. In this article you will find interesting ideas not to make bad figures or make mistakes.

My girlfriend doesn’t wear a lot of jewelry, is it worth giving it away?

Sure! The engagement ring is not a normal jewel, it is a symbol. It represents the fact that you love her (or at least that you like her very much) and want to let him know how important it is for you. For this you make a precious gift. She will perhaps wear it not out of vanity, but out of pride and will remind her how much you love her.

What material should be made of?

The choices are necessarily 3:

Yellow Gold: A classic, perhaps too much. If you buy one or more stones like diamond, he wants it to shine and be as white as possible. If the gold around it is yellow, the stone will lose its beauty and the effect will be less. When to choose yellow gold? Only if your partner hates white gold.

White Gold: The queen choice, enhances the stones and is modern. The present is future is white gold. With this choice you have the maximum effect on your partner.

Platinum: Original choice, the reason for this choice in the past was the fact that platinum was worth more than gold. So you wanted to make a superior gift and chose it. To date, the price of metal has fallen significantly and also its demand. Unfortunately, being a very hard and difficult metal to work with, it has still high realization prices. Add the fact that over time it gets a little dull. In addition, if you want to sell it (we hope, but who knows) you will not easily find stores that buy it back. Of course we buy platinum, but few of us do.

What did you say, silver? Come on if you want to start your relationship badly and make her ashamed with friends then close the page now and look elsewhere.

What caliber of gold to choose?

There are 18 and 14 carat rings on the market, but we see no reason to save 2 pennies by purchasing a lower alloy. Buy a regenerated ring and make a great impression.

Can we take the measurements alone or from a shop and then buy elsewhere?

Of course, but know that to take the measures there are precautions that not everyone knows. we tell you one for example: Do you know that there are multiple scales of measures in use? If you commission a ring and who sells it to you uses a different scale of values ​​you will not have the right size.

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Should the engagement ring be given with the diamond?

We would definitely say yes. In addition to being a long tradition, the diamond represents the queen of stones. There is the stone that from carbon with time, pressure and right temperature becomes the number 1 stone. You can find the best choices with Alexander Sparks now.

  • By giving a ring with this stone you are telling your girlfriend that she is number 1 among women.
  • In addition, diamonds are among the rarest and by far the hardest stones. As a stone it is associated with eternity, so few women are immune to their charm.
  • “Diamonds are girls’ best friends.”

Do we have to give a solitaire as an engagement ring, or can we opt for a trilogy or Riviera?

Solitaire rings are an ideal choice for engagement rings. It is true that the tastes are varied, so even if unusual you could use another type of ring with diamonds such as the trilogy.

How big should the diamond be?

Of course this depends on your pockets. Let’s say that size matters. When a girl opens her gift box she hopes to see a beautiful stone. we advise you not to drop below 0.30 carats and if you really want to make a nice gift go from carat up. Saying the diamond is 0.30 carat is one thing, saying the diamond is 1.30 carat does a whole other effect.

  • Simply put, if the first number is zero, it makes an effect, if it is a UNO, it makes a lot more positive impression.
  • Of course, the stone must be beautiful and reflect light.
  • Now you will be thinking that you will spend a fortune. Let me tell you that if you give a paltry little ring your relationship as long as it continues, it will start on the wrong foot.
  • Engagement rings are objects that girls show off among themselves and comment on. So if you act as a cheapskate you will be targeted by your girlfriends.

How can we buy a ring that makes me look good without spending a capital?

The solution is to buy a regenerated engagement ring and you can buy a dizzying ring with the same amount.

We know, maybe it’s not a problem for you to spend to buy a nice ring. Again you can buy a bigger and nicer one with the same budget.

What other features do we need to know to make a good purchase?

Of course you have to get a certificate that contains the most information. In addition to that to make a good purchase you have to rely on someone competent and honest.

A ring with mediocre characteristics to an inexperienced eye may seem the same as one with excellent cut, color and purity.

Can we do it myself or do we have to rely on an expert?

Obviously you can do it yourself, but if you rely on a professional you can choose the ring that best suits you. There are dozens of factors to consider. We put a few on top of you, but there are other technicians who make the difference. For example, there are unsaleable diamonds for their characteristics and you don’t want to buy a jewel that costs a lot that then has no market.

Bonus: Presentation

If you too chose everything right there is one thing you thought you would evaluate, the right presentation. There are envelopes and boxes of various beauty, there are some with LEDs that illuminate the stone upon opening.