lap band surgery in Mexico

Diet to follow after a lap band

Weight Loss

The issue of overweight is a tricky situation for many individuals. Bariatric surgeries like lap band have proven to be the best solution for their problem. Still, following a prescribed diet and adopting lifestyle changes is crucial for achieving the desired shape or size.

How lap band surgery is performed

The other name for lap band surgery is gastric banding. It is performed by the skilled surgeons laparoscopically. They use a device called laparoscope during the surgery. With a laparoscope, surgeons get a perfect image of the stomach and other organs like the small intestine. Around the stomach, a flexible belt is placed. The goal of this procedure is to limit the food intake of the patient. Those who are having a BMI greater than 40 can qualify for a lap band surgery in Mexico.

If you had a lap band surgery recently, you need to consider the new diet plan for preventing complications and side effects during the post-surgery phase. Let’s look at what to eat after lap band surgery.

What can you eat after lap band surgery?

Weight loss surgeries do not always prove to be a success. Most of the patients attain appropriate outcomes with the right food intake during post-surgery.

You must eat these foodstuffs after a lap band:

  1. Protein is the most important nutrient that you should not ignore. It would help you in restoring muscle tissue and organs. The shortage of protein after a lap band surgery is common. Have beans, lean meats and low-fat dairy products every day. Other sources of protein include protein shakes or protein supplements. Make sure that you take the advice of a medical expert before you consume the supplements.
  2. In the first week, you should stay on a clear liquid diet. You can have creamy soups, protein shakes, and clear fluids throughout the day.
  3. You can start with solid foods after 28 to 35 days after your lap band surgery in Mexico. Pick the food items that are easy to chew and digest. A solid food diet includes baked salmon, cottage cheese, boiled eggs, etc.
  4. After three months of your lap band surgery, you can have raw vegetables, nuts, and other hard-to-digest foods.

Those were all the compulsory foods to eat after lap band surgery.

Try not to drink water 30 minutes before and after the meal. Drinking water while having food can fill your new stomach quickly. Also, it would be great if you drink the fluids slowly by sipping them.