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The cost of living is comparatively low than in other countries. The cost of living is directly proportional to the lifestyle of a person. If a person is working in a multinational company then you enjoy free accommodation and transport facilities then your cost of living reduce s to a large extent.

Airport customer service agents are one of the available new jobs in Dubai. This job aims at providing quality service to their passengers at the airport. This service includes complete information about check-in information. Other services provided by the service agent are

  1. Boarding services
  2. Baggage services
  3. Knowledge about safety standards
  4. Catering to the special needs of passengers

The person who is employed for this service should be able to provide information regarding the check-in counters. The agent should be able to hand over to passengers consistently and efficiently. Passengers have informed about immigration and safety regulations. They help in managing the queues at the airport. They instruct the passengers to remove the old tags. The service agents cater to the needs of special people like providing a wheelchair to physically challenged people. They direct passengers to the respective counters while they are checking in the airport. They keep a check on baggage delivery performance. They keep the passengers about the delay and early arrival of flights.

The person seeking a job to airport customer service agent should have completed twelve years of schooling. They should be proficient in spoken and written English. They should have certificates that give evidence of their behavioral skills. Two years of experience is needed in the customer service department. Complete knowledge of airlines is required for this job.

The person enjoys a tax-free handsome salary. There is a discount on travel services provided to them. They receive free accommodation while they are working as service agents.

Call center agent is one of the most sought after jobs in Dubai. The person is required to work for nine hours a day. They work six days a week. They work in a shifting schedule. They get a single day off from their job. They have multiple tasks to perform while they are working as call center agents. They should be able to handle the huge range of queries of their customers. They should be able to inform customers about different applications, contracted deliveries, lease negotiations. They should register feedback and complaints of customers.

A good communication skill, complete knowledge of the native language, honest, good reporting skills is needed to become a call agent in Dubai. It is a safe job for both sexes. Transport facilities are provided to the employees. There is a provision of special holidays for the employees. They are given a tax-free salary. There is no free accommodation service for this job. This job requires a lot of patience so the companies select the employees based on their patience level. A contract is signed between the company and the employee for the duration of their service as a call agent. They cannot leave the job before the stipulated time.