How did the Queen celebrate her birthday in lockdown?


In this article, we will discuss how the Queens birthday was celebrated in lockdown. Also, we will talk about how the royal opera sang for the Queen even in lockdown.

How did the royal opera sing for the Queen?

The royal opera is a band of special and also talented individuals. They are selected carefully from the UK school of music and arts, and they perform for the Queen. As we all know that the year 2020 has been a great pain for everyone. This is because of the rise of the new epidemic called Covid 19, which has resulted in many deaths.

That is why many countries around the world had to declare a lockdown to prevent its spread. This would keep the people in their homes until the time the virus has settled down. The country with the most time spent in total lockdown is the UK, as there are many cases.

So every year, the royal opera used to dress up in their uniforms and perform in front of the Queen. But in the year 2020, they have done their performance online. This means that they have made and done the performance online through the app known as Zoom.

That is because of the lockdown, and no one was allowed to leave their home. The country which was affected the most by this epidemic in Italy, as more than half of the people are dead. That is because Italy lacked the proper hospital equipment, and they did not have staff to handle it. It took help from other nations and brought the situation under control.

Every year the royal opera used to perform a choir song which was the Queen’s favourite. This year they also sang one choir song, but it was with a different twist. The artists were also told to give a solo performance in front of the Queen due to the much time on their hands.

How did the Queen celebrate her birthday in lockdown?

The Queen did not leave the country this time as she was told to stay all the time indoors. She was not staying at Buckingham Palace as she decided to stay at Windsor castle. She had celebrated her birthday there with the royal family and also the guards.

The guards did a special march to honour the Queen and her reign. They did the following by maintaining social distancing and wearing proper things at the time. They performed a march, and also some of the guards even made a speech which they had to perform in front of the Queen.

The ceremony took around 2 – 3 hours, and social distancing was maintained there. There was not much media member allowed to film only camera crew members were allowed. Also, after the march and the speech, the Queen had told the chefs to prepare a special treat for everyone.

She told them to make lunch and dinner for the royal family as well as the guards on duty. First, the royal family had their meal then the guards were served at the request of the Queen.