How do I start designing an online store?


There is no doubt that many traditional store owners after the Internet revolution wish to carry out the design of their own electronic store and display the products of the traditional store through which to increase the percentage of advertisements for its products, which increases the opportunities for successful marketing of its products and increase the percentage of sales, as it has become useful to no companions Shops and merchandise of all kinds should have a copy of their stores on the World Wide Web and take advantage of the marketing opportunities offered by that network.

The most important questions they ask:

How do I start designing my own online store. How to determine the shipping cost. How do I start the process of attracting marketers. What will I do with returned goods? How can I monitor the success of my marketing site? How do I get the best photos and content that do well product descriptions. What method or payment system should I follow. How do I communicate with customers through social media.

The first steps in designing my own online store:

Many believe that the process of designing an electronic store is a simple process that does not require a lot of effort and work, but it is also not that difficult that some people do, and that it requires prior planning and good preparation, as this process contains many stages that we will get to know.

1- How to prepare and prepare: In the beginning, you should know that all the stages are related to each other and that there is no stage more important than the other, but all the stages are at the highest level of importance and very necessary to reach a successful store. As for how to prepare and prepare where you must do a market study very well with identifying the items and products that you will present to customers this as well as doing a study on the target audience that you will be marketing to and what are the ways that I will follow to attract this audience to my store besides Carrying out a good study on the places from which you will purchase the goods from them, in addition to determining the profit margin that you seek and working to set long and short term goals besides agreeing with the shipping companies that will process the shipment of your products to customers.

2- Implementation: As this step includes many tasks that you must do all of them, will you communicate with the authorities that we mentioned to you in the preparation and preparation step where you will start communicating with the manufacturers where you will buy your products in bulk from them where you negotiate prices and quantities And the shipping method, after you have done a good study of the nature of the market so that you can choose the best products at the best prices. Sama is in agreement with the shipping company, after you have developed a vision for the audience that you will target where you will initially be targeting an audience inside the province only or outside it so that you can agree with the shipping company on that where you have to do to deliver your products to customers in their homes .

3- Design: There is no doubt that the process of designing an electronic store differs greatly from the design of a website, as the store design must have been prepared in a commercial manner in order to complete sales operations for customers through it, and the items and products that will be sold through the store will be It has a major impact on the design of the design as the flower shop is undoubtedly its design differs from a clothing store and also a design and with a store for the sale of ornamental birds this is in addition to the design being compatible with different electronic payment methods and at the highest level of safety and protection so that customers feel When entering information They and their personal data related to the process of payment in complete comfort through their dealings with your store and of course besides the design do not forget to book the appropriate hosting for my store and that contains many privileges for him as you have from the sister to choose the appropriate name for your store as it must be easy and simple so that your customers save it It also reflects the nature of the products offered by it.

4- Final touches: the final touches or the final touches that precede the launch of your store design and these steps will be in addition to your products that will be sold through a store with adding all the details about them in terms of pictures, content, price and shipping method, sama will start In the process of marketing it to your customers until you test your store business until you see there were any problems that your customers might face through your store in order to solve them to remedy any secondary matters any mistakes that affect your store business and then you officially launch your store for all the audience and potential clients.

5- Factors affecting: The success or failure of designing an electronic store: Several statistics have confirmed that 80 per cent of modern electronic stores have failed, and this is not a matter of frustration, but as a matter of awareness so that they do not fall into what happened in it, as the reasons for their failure is not to Carrying out a very good feasibility study for the project. What is the lack of attention to some of the preparatory steps that we referred to before proceeding to designing a store where we confirm and we are still stressing that all the steps that we mentioned to you must work on all of them and should not hide any step from them as all the steps are related to each other.

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