How Physical Activity In Kids Can Help Boost Their School Performance


Are you one of the parents who think twice about letting their kids use the playground equipment for parks? You might change your mind after reading this article. There are a lot of studies to support that rigorous physical activity actually leads to higher grades in school–and it’s not just because PE is one of their classes. There’s actually a simple science behind it.

Healthier body and healthier brain

Kids in general who have healthy daily physical activities perform in school better. Studies suggest that this is due to the increased flow of oxygen to the brain during physical exercise. For small children, this is easily achievable when you let them play with playground equipment for parks on a daily basis. Aside from this, brains of children who are physically active also tend to produce more neurotransmitters. This lets them focus more on their lessons and deal with stress better.

Reading comprehension

According to a study from the University of Illinois, children who had regular, physical activities generally performed better in school, especially in reading comprehension. Children who were physically active tended to spot grammatical sentences better, focus on the message of the story, and spot sentences that made no sense.

Reading comprehension is an integral part of learning. It’s not just a matter of learning how to use English well. Children who had better reading comprehension tended to do better in school because they understood their lessons more.

Stress relievers

When you let children play with playground equipment for parks, they are also able to relieve stress from schoolwork. Learning something new, or being in competition at school can be an emotional toll. Children who are allowed to play in the afternoon after their school hours can cope better with the stress because their brains produce more neurotransmitters.

Importance of PE

Some schools have still not accepted the relevance of PE. They put more premium on academics compared to PE lessons. A fine balance between the two can actually help students focus better on their lessons. A healthy body leads to a healthy brain. Without accepting this symbiotic relationship, children will lose out.

EQ and social functions

Aside from the physiological benefits of exercise, playing with playground equipment for parks can also help children learn vital social functions. Interacting and negotiating with other kids on a regular basis can help hone their EQ and train them for vital social functions which they will also need later on in life.

Parental balancing act

With the school, parents should strike a fine balance between academics and physical education. When children are well-rounded, they succeed in life as adults. While there will be children who lean more on book smarts, physical exercise should be encouraged. Some doctors even think that when your child’s body is healthy, studying better just naturally follows suit. After all, playground games are competitive too. Playing with other children fosters your own child’s drive to win, with, of course, the added benefits of learning how to make friends along the way.

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