How to Choose a Stand-Up Paddle Board


Paddle boarding is a great way to have fun and play in water. With just a board, you can surf on rivers, oceans and lakes. Here are the major factors to keep in mind when you are looking for the perfect stand up paddle board to use:

  • Who will use it?

When choosing a paddle board, it is important to consider who is going to use it. This is because there are different kinds of boards for different people. For instance, there are boards that have been made for kids. These are usually shorter and smaller and much easier to carry.

There are also boards that have been made for women. These are lighter in weight to make it easier for woman to carry. Some tend to be narrower too, so that someone can easily grab the other end of the board when carrying it.

Family boards are available too. These are meant to be used by any member of the family. They are tough enough to handle the rough handling and hitting of small children.

  • Weight

Always find out the weight of the board before you buy it. You want to buy something that you can carry. On average, a board is usually 20 to 30 pounds in weight. 

What’s more, it should have a comfortable grip handle. This will make it easier for you to pick up the board and carry it.

  • Length

There are short boards and long boards. Shorter versions are best used by experienced surfers. The board should be long enough for your size, as it needs to displace the right amount of water when you are surfing so that it can support your weight.

Long boards are best used during touring and racing. The length of the board is also a key issue based on your car type, as you should be able to carry it on your car.  In addition, also consider how much storage space you have.

  • Material

Boards are made from a variety of materials. Some are made from fibre glass, plastic or carbon fiber. You can also find a paddle board that is made out of PVC and is inflatable.

Weigh the advantages of each kind of board, so as to know which one is the most suitable one for you.


When selecting a stand up paddle board, you need to consider various factors. This includes things like the weight, lenth and size of the board. In addition, the skill level of the user matters too.