How To Create Your Nude Makeup Look


There has been an active shift in makeup preferences in the last couple of months. From bright eyeshadow palettes and bold lip colors, beauty enthusiasts have started adorning themselves with more nude and subtle colors.

A nude makeup look looks very classy and sophisticated so it isn’t really a surprise that people across the globe have started to embrace this latest makeup trend. And, let’s not to mention the versatility it offers as well. You can easily carry this look from day to night if you get the nuances and tricks related to it correct.

Even though this makeup look is subtle, don’t let it fool you to think that it won’t require any effort from you. In addition to a precise application, you also have to pay careful attention to the colors that you use to create this look.

5 Steps to Create that Perfect Nude Makeup Look

Here’s a complete step by step tutorial to help you create the perfect nude makeup look:

Step 1: Prime your eyelids

Start by priming your eyelids that will help to enhance the eyeshadow color that you apply after. It will also help to increase the overall lasting of the makeup eliminating the need to do constant touch-ups.

Step 2: Apply an eyeshadow base

Proceed by applying an eyeshadow shade that matches the natural color of your entire eyelid. Using an eyeshadow brush, cover your entire eyelid to create a base coat. You can stick to using brown or beige-based shades to give more depth to your eyes.

Step 3: Start doing your eye makeup

After you have applied the base, use a nude eyeshadow shade to define the eyelid crease. For this purpose, you have to apply the shadow directly on the crease and then blend the product up and out. Repeat the process until the crease becomes defined with no harsh lines.

Use another nude shade that is about two to three shades darker than your natural skin tone and cover the entire lower lid paying special attention between the lash line and the crease. There should be a smooth transition from the crease to the lower eyeshadow so you have to be careful to blend the product well. We’ll suggest that you use a flat eyeshadow brush for this purpose.

Apply the same nude shade along your lower lash line in a thin line. Again, do not forget to blend!

Step 4: Apply mascara

Use a mascara that has a volumizing formula to get that luscious lash layer. Always go for the zig-zag technique to separate every single lash from each other while giving it a much-needed boost.

Before you apply mascara, if you want, you can also use an eyelash curler. Not only does this product helps curl your eyelashes making them look more awake, but it can also help define your eyes. Do not, we repeat, do not curl your eyelashes after you have applied mascara as you’ll end up with lash fallout.

Step 5: Apply lip liner and lipstick

Lining the lips is very important whenever you’re doing your lip. It helps to accentuate your pout while giving you a complete boundary to fill in color. Try to go for nude shades that are warmer for a more natural look.

After using a lip liner, fill your lips by using a lipstick that is of the same or similar shade to the lip liner. You can also opt for lip plumpers instead of lipstick or lipgloss as well.

Lip plumpers can help to make your lips appear fuller while adding a slightly glossy effect to them. These products contain ingredients that have a slightly irritating effect on the lips which make them appear bigger. They are also available in different nude shades making them the perfect addition to your makeup bag.

You can also use the lip plumper on top of your lipstick if you want.

Step 5: Dust your cheeks with a highlighter

This is the most favorite part of any makeup routine for most us and rightly so! After all, who wouldn’t want to look sun-kissed and glow all the time?

You need to dust some product lightly on the high points of your cheek, the bridge of your nose, the inner corner of your eyes, and your cupid’s bow for the full effect. Make a point to apply a highlighter shade that looks natural and not cakey.

For a more dramatic effect, you can always swab some clear gloss on your cheekbones. This will help to make the highlighter formula more intense while also making it last longer.

Nude Makeup Tips to Remember

There are a few tips that you should remember whenever you get started with this makeup look.

  • Less is More. This is the absolute rule of nude makeup. Whether we talk about concealers or foundations, applying too much product will make you look caked-up – a look which we want to avoid at all costs.

Try to opt for the liquid-based formulas as it helps to keep the face dewier too.

  • Apply Blush Under Your Foundation. While this may sound weird, hear us out before you dismiss this tip.

Using blush isn’t necessary when it comes to nude makeup but, if you want to add a healthy glow to your face, we’d recommend you do. However, instead of applying the blush on top of your foundation, reverse the process. This way, the color will look more natural.

Go for powder-based blushes that aren’t in the contrasting shade of your natural skin tone. A cream or mousse formula will also work well for this look.

  • Pay Attention to the Colors. It’s only obvious for you to opt for nude colors in case you want a nude makeup look. Stick to browns, beige tones, and pinks for this case.

Remember, the shades need to be closer to your natural skin tone. You can also enlist the help of a sales executive when you go nude makeup shopping.


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