Importance of Text Archiving to Businesses


Text messaging has undergone a serious transformation beginning with the COVID-19 outbreak. It started as a platform for friendly conversations and became an effective avenue for discussing business-related matters. 

During the pandemic, clients and businesses were not able to meet face-to-face. Thus, SMS and other mobile messaging apps, such as WeChat and Whatsapp, have evolved into mainstream platforms for business operations. 

However, while instant message services can provide efficient communication for organizations, they also pose some risks. Fortunately, text archiving can help businesses reap the benefits of SMS while mitigating its potential risks. 

What is Text Archiving?

Text archiving solutions can record text message conversations, providing companies with transparent, auditable documents. These records can be used for disputes, concerns, and regulatory requests. 

With more businesses adapting the use of text messaging apps to communicate with their employees, the need to capture and archive these communications is becoming more important than before. SMS can result in WeChat fines, illegalities, data loss, and cyberattacks when an organisation fails to opt for reliable text archiving solutions. 

Why is Text Archiving Important to Businesses?


Compliance requirements are one of the reasons many organisations must capture and archive mobile text messages. Many companies should comply with FINRA, SEC, GDPR, and MiFID II regulations. Meanwhile, government entities must comply with the Freedom of Information Act or several Public Records Laws. These mandates apply to any form of digital communication, including: 

  • email
  • social media platform 
  • corporate chat channels
  • text messages


Even if a company wants to refrain from complying with any specific regulation, there is another reason they must archive their mobile text messages. In legal proceedings, text messages can be used as evidence, especially when defending false accusations and facilitating eDiscovery. 


Mobile text messages can be an effective approach to delivering marketing content to customers. An excellent mobile text archiving solution, like Telemessage, provides details on when messages were sent, delivered, and read. Studying the content of recorded messages can help marketing teams identify the messages, deals, and times that refine SMS campaigns.